The Sports and Rehabilitation Centre of the Medical University of Warsaw is the most modern facility devoted to sports and education in Warsaw. The building serves many purposes - it is a centre for sports, rehabilitation, teaching and research, as well as for recreation. Modern, technologically advanced infrastructure and an interesting architectural concept have made the Sports and Rehabilitation Centre of the Medical University of Warsaw a perfect site for the organisation of various events, especially academic and university sports events. The construction norms applied and certificates gained make it also possible to organize world rank events.

Special attention should be paid to the Olympic pool, which facilitates the development of academic sports and ensures the competitors a perfect place to train in. The swimming pool is equipped with indispensable technical and sanitary facilities.

The teaching part of the centre includes rooms for the Rehabilitation Centre  for the Physiotherapy Division of the Second Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw, which, apart from teaching, will be able to conduct research into innovative rehabilitation techniques.

Moreover, the Sports and Rehabilitation Centre is an attractive space for the organisation of various promotional and marketing events.
The centre will include a cafe with a terrace and a kiosk.
The centre is adapted to the needs of the disabled.

The centre has a parking lot with 177 parking spots.

-         104 parking spots in the underground garage

-         63 surface parking spots

-         10 parking spots for the disabled (3 in the underground garage + 7             surface spots)